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  • Comprehensive know-how
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  • Dedicated contact persons
  • Use of synergy effects in online marketing

Our services in detail


Initial analysis/SEO website audit

An SEO website audit examines the various aspects of a website, such as technical infrastructure, onpage and offpage optimization, user-friendliness, and content quality, and generates recommendations for more traffic, visibility, and conversions.

  • Detailed SEO analysis of the status quo of a website as well as the onpage and offpage factors (traffic, rankings, conversions, content, keywords, usability, technology, backlink profile)
  • Identification of a suitable base of data and SEO-technical measures for the best possible performance (more traffic, conversions (leads, sales), visibility, brand awareness, and customer satisfaction) in the organic search results of different search engines.

SEO keyword analysis

With the help of a research of relevant search terms we create the basis for aligning the own content according to the needs and interests of the users. The goal is to create prominent ranking opportunities, targeted traffic, and a positive ROI.

  • Research of relevant search terms of the target group segments according to user criteria, taking into account the respective business and marketing objectives
  • Analysis of traffic potential for the website content via a clustering of search terms depending on the user's information needs
  • Development of suggestions for the creation of demand-oriented content formats
  • Development of an SEO-optimized content structure/sitemap
  • Development of a keyword map as preliminary work for the editorial planning of content creation or optimization

SEO-technical support for relaunches and website migration

SEO-technical support for relaunches or website migration is designed to maintain or improve the existing visibility and ranking of a website at search engines despite changing structure, navigation, and content as well as changing code.

  • Assisting with technical migration and/or content migration/merger
  • Preserving or improving organic traffic and existing rankings

Technical SEO measures and audits

Technical SEO measures and audits form the basis of search engine optimization and serve to optimize websites so that both the websites and their content are easy for search engines to crawl and index.

  • Indexing and crawling management: Which content/documents should be crawled by search engines and included in the indexes and which should not?
  • Crawlability optimization: Optimization of the website structure so that crawlers can reach and analyze all content.
  • Page experience optimization: Core web vitals, mobile friendliness, page load, security for the best possible user experience and trust in the site
  • International SEO
  • Implementation of Structured Data Markup

SEO monitoring and reporting

SEO monitoring and reporting continuously monitors and evaluates the SEO measures and the SEO performance of a website via the collection, analysis, and visualization of the most important key performance indicators (KPIs). This is used ot derive any adjustments and measures required for optimization.

  • Targeted evaluation of the success of content and SEO measures with regard to target achievement
  • Monitoring traffic, rankings, conversions, and technical foundation of a website to identify potentials and threats
  • Gaining insights into customer needs, the customer/user journey, and website usage behavior
  • Improving customer service: Customer feedback and suggestions for the online presence can be taken into account
  • Regular reporting of results and identification of recommendations for action

SEO sparring

SEO sparrings serve to enable stakeholders and SEO experts to exchange information in order to learn from each other, support each other, and improve the SEO strategy on this basis.

  • Cooperation between contacts on the client side and consulting
  • Consultation at eye level and support during the implementation of an SEO strategy
  • Exchange of knowledge and experience in the SEO field
  • Personal support: Expertise and training to improve in-house skills
  • Quality assurance: Feedback and control

Data tracking and data visualization

Data tracking and data visualization can be used to track analyze the online marketing and SEO performance of a website. The data can be presented in order to check, document, and, if necessary, adjust the success, failure or optimization potential of measures.

  • Design and implementation of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Google Tag Manager (GTM) tracking setup or custom setup.
  • Design and implementation of data visualizations in Looker Studio and individually
  • Consideration of customer feedback and preferences to increase the quality of products or services

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