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HypZert-Management System 2.0

Since 1996 HypZert GmbH has been certifying real-estate valuers on the basis of the demanding and internationally recognised ISO/IEC 17024 criteria. bytepark GmbH implemented the new version of the HypZert Management System – the central control element of all business processes as a web application.

  • MVC Frameworks
  • Webservices
  • CMS
  • User Interface Design
  • Mobile application
  • Hosting
The concept

HypZert GmbH guarantees valuers the highest quality standards in certification and provides networks that assist them in their work and also offer added value. The aim is to secure comparability and transparency on real-estate markets.

On behalf of HypZert GmbH, bytepark became involved in concept development and fundamentally re-developed the HypZert Management System. The application was to map each and every work step of the valuer's certification on a single, device-independent web environment.

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The result

The certification processes include, for instance, automated invoicing, the sending of e-mail notifications, the generation of business mail correspondence or the management and control of certification processes for more than 1,400 real-estate valuers.

All of these functionalities are mapped by a total of 14 modules that were specially designed for this application. Smooth responsive design and elaborately designed user interfaces make the system both attractive and user friendly.

From a technical perspective, the web application is divided into a server and client. The server manages the main logic in this case and implements a REST API. This interface provides the information needed for a (web) client that can prepare this information for the user by generating suitable views that can be manipulated using user interface elements.

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Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit der neuen Applikation und freuen uns auf die Weiterentwicklung und weitere Zusammenarbeit mit bytepark.

Antje Wartig, HypZert GmbH

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