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Your smart locker

easy locker is a locker rental platform for lockers that are to be installed, for instance, at Deutsche Bahn train stations. Lockers can be accessed and booked at any time, day or night, using a smartphone app. From the very beginning, bytepark has helped this young start-up to implement its innovative solution.

  • Branding
  • Software to Hardware
  • MVC Frameworks
  • Mobile App
  • API Interface

The Idea

At its train stations, Deutsche Bahn has more than 22,000 lockers that are used around five million times each year. Their hardware and the idea behind them appear to be somewhat obsolete in the digital age: a rigid price model, lockers have to be locked using an analogue key, and coins are the only accepted form of payment.

easy locker is a modern, digital solution which also won the DB Next Station Pitch. Using a smartphone app, the lockers can be accessed at all times, they can be booked, opened and closed again remotely.

bytepark has been assisting the easy locker team from the very outset, supporting them as a partner for strategic development and corporate design, as well as for the technical implementation of the locker software, website and native app.

Logo Sketchbook
Logo Creation


easy locker is the second project by Smart Urban Solutions GmbH. Although the project design was to be geared to velo easy, clearly recognisable independence was also requested. bytepark advised the company and developed a corporate design that included a logo and a concept for typography, colour and style that were matched to all application areas and reflect the brand core.

Logo Composition
Logo Animation
Your smart locker

Software to Hardware

The easy locker platform provides an interface that is used to control the entire infrastructure. Via this interface, partners themselves can book, open and release the lockers for their users. The partners can also map the entire user journey in their own applications. A variably configurable price system was also implemented that enables locker pricing on the basis of space and time.


Mobile App

Together with the software of the smart locker solution, the mobile app is the most important advantage over conventional locker systems. The app can be used to find a free locker on a map and to then book and pay for the locker. The locker is also opened and closed again using the mobile app, any time and even remotely. The app is available free of charge from Google Play™ and an iOS version is soon to be made available.

The terminals

API Interface

The individual lockers are securely connected to an administration infrastructure so that it is always clear which lockers are booked, in use or open. The package is rounded off by the software for the lockers themselves, i.e. for opening and communication with the central authorisation unit.

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Relaunch of the content pages of the TRYB online shop

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easy locker | Branding, Web and Software Development
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easy locker | Branding, Web and Software Development

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