Audi Quattro Lounge

Audi Quattro Lounge

With the Audi quattro® Lounge, Audi presented a winter wonderland for young and old. bytepark supported the nation-wide events with the NFC (Near Field Communication) Technology for lead generation.

  • User Interface Design
  • Mobile application
  • MVC Frameworks
  • Hosting
The Concept

Visitors to the Audi quattro® Lounge registered at the reception on an Android tablet application developed by bytepark. The visitor’s specified data was stored using the application on an external web service.


After a brief introduction to the Audi-branded NFC card, visitors were then handed their unique ski pass.


In the winter wonderland, guests had the opportunity to experience the world of quattro®. In addition to the numerous interactive exhibits they could scan with their ski pass at an information terminal to receive email information about the vehicles.


Again, the NFC technology was used: The scan of the ski pass at the information kiosk sent a signal to the web service...


...which in turn sent an email to the email address provided during registration.

The Result
Audi Quattro Lounge Panorama 2Audi Quattro Lounge Panorama 1
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