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“Der Simulierte Mensch”


About “Der Simulierte Mensch”

“Der Simulierte Mensch” is a joint research building of Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin and TU Berlin that is due to open in 2025. Various scientists will come together here to work on joint projects in research groups. The aim is to create simulations of the human body for a better understanding of health issues and diseases.

The aim of the project was to implement a user-centered website using a simple content management system that is easier to use than WordPress, for example. In addition, the entire UX and design process needed to be supported.


The Goal


UX/UI Design

The requirement was not only to make visible how construction of the building is progressing, but also to show what is happening in the research groups. The content structure for presenting research groups, events and other special features of the facility were outlined in wireframes. The entire UX process from the sitemap to the finished wireframes was developed in joint workshops (requirements and target groups, sitemap, wireframes, look & feel, design).
The design was challenging because neither the TU nor the Charité branding was to be the focus. We had to come up with something unique and that is what we ultimately achieved.

The technical implementation was based on the Kirby content management system, which allows a modular structure of the elements. The backend was adapted to the customer’s needs and the content types used. The focus was on ease of use.


Technical Implementation



  • UX/UI Design
  • Brand adaptation
  • Concept
  • Development (frontend and backend)
  • Hosting/maintenance
  • Project management
  • Technical consulting and support


Support during the rebrand and relaunch for Qwist
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Support during the rebrand and relaunch for Qwist

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