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Crobo, a full-service provider with years of experience in online marketing and the free-to-play games market commissioned bytepark with the development of the company’s website,, and conception and technical implementation of their new Dashboard application, CIS - the Crobo Intelligence System.

  • MVC Frameworks
  • Web Development
  • Mobile application
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The Crobo Intelligence System

The core of the application bundles together a very wide selection of information, which is then processed into comprehensive analyses and reports. The administration of sellers (advertisers), publishers and campaigns is intuitive and easy to use. The specially developed Crobo user interface was designed by graphic artist Mathias Mahling and developed into a responsive design by bytepark.

The system architecture separates the application into server and client, with the server handling the main logic and implementing a REST API. This API provides the necessary data to a (web) client, which prepares it for to the user by generating the appropriate output / views and enables it to be administered by means of UI elements.

Crobo Design Layers
The Website

bytepark took over the development and implementation of the eight-language website, The result is a one-pager with meticulous attention to detail.

The templates of the one-pager were implemented in HTML5/CSS3. JavaScript elements such as the logo slider, game thumbnails, incremental numbers and several small animations were created in advance and designed for optimal performance.

A powerful CMS was used for both the output of the calendar and jobs add-ons and for the integration of social bookmarks.

The screen design for this project was provided by Mathias Mahling (, an external graphic designer.

Crobo Design Website
Das Team von bytepark hat für uns eine stabile Applikation geschaffen, die wir in unserer täglichen Arbeit nicht mehr missen wollen.

Matthias Lesch, Covus Crobo GmbH

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