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Working at bytepark - this is what awaits you

  • an attractive, bright workplace in Berlin Mitte (near Gendarmenmarkt)

  • a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere in a modern office on four floors, with a large roof terrace and a barbecue for relaxed summer days

  • as a development environment, a workstation with the latest hardware and at least two displays broadband internet connection via various carriers

  • an ambitious team with flat hierarchy

  • many possibilities of contributing and realising your own ideas

  • flatrate coffee, drinks such as teas, cola and mineral water any time, not forgetting Club-Mate of course

  • snacks, fruit and a selection of mueslis for breakfast

  • regular team events, Summer and Christmas parties

  • a variety of tasks and a communicative environment with high affinity to new technologies professional coaching "on the job”

  • promotion of training opportunities such as internal presentations and subsidiezed visits to external conferences (e.g. Developer Days) or BarCamps, access to specialist literature and magazines

Your Application

Think you can assist us with your skills? Like to join the bytepark team? Take a look at our
job offers to see if we currently have a suitable vacancy for you.
If no vacancy is currently listed in your area of expertise, but you still think that you would be able to help us out, then we are happy to receive unsolicited applications from software developers, graphic designers or media designers.
Please submit your application in digital form only to:

Your application should include a cover letter, CV, your salary expectations, and above all, contain examples of your work. If you are a designer, these would be designs/artwork or URLs of websites you have designed; or if you are a developer, code samples or links to your published code, or a link to your profile on github, Google Code or similar. If you would to like to include references from your previous employers, please feel free to do this as well.

We try to respond to job applications fast, which is usually very fast. However, depending on the vacancy and season, we may have to deal with many applications, or in some cases, be collecting applications for a position until we make the final decision, so please forgive us if a reply takes a few days longer.

If we like your application, you will receive a request by e-mail to contact us and arrange an appointment for an interview.

The Interview

  • Please make sure you arrive in good time for the appointment. Our office is right in the centre of Berlin, and can be reached in several ways. Take a look at the contact page to find out how to get here best.

  • We don't have a special dress code, so it's up to you what you wear for the interview. Suits are rarely seen here, so you don't necessarily need to dress so smartly.

  • We want to get to know you as well as possible at the interview. Be prepared to talk openly and frankly, and to tell us about your career and personal life experiences. What makes you the right candidate for bytepark?

  • If you're applying as a designer, then it may be helpful to bring a portfolio of your work or prepare a list of URLs linking to your work. You can also show these to us on the internet.

  • Have a look around our website before you come, and try to inform yourself adequately about us and our work. You will naturally also have the opportunity to ask us about bytepark, the job, or any other matters at the interview.

  • Our job interviews usually last between 30 and 120 minutes, depending on the vacancy and the number of staff who you talk to.

Our Offer

If you master all the hurdles to getting a job at bytepark, we will make you an offer of employment, including all the conditions. We are happy to give you some time to consider our offer. If you have any questions, just ask and we will support you.

If you are happy with our offer, we will send you a contract which you just have to sign.

Working as a developer

  • At bytepark, developers can choose their favourite operating system: Windows, Linux or Mac

  • Every workplace is equipped with at least two monitors

  • Basically, every developer is free to choose their IDE. In practice, most of our developers use Eclipse or PhpStorm as a PHP development environment

  • We favour open source technologies and use mainly PHP and JavaScript for development. We try to automate as much as we possibly can

  • For the implementation of web applications, we rely - wherever possible - on MVC frameworks such as Symfony (2.x) or Zend

  • All our projects are version-managed by Git

  • We adhere to coding standards and follow the PSR-2, PEAR and Zend code conventions (depending on the project)

  • For testing, we use PHPUnit and a Selenium Grid, or the appropriate testing frameworks for Javascript code

  • We hold a weekly developers meeting to catch up with each other on projects, with varied presentations and Q&A sessions

  • We have three different carriers for our high-speed internet connection

  • Each developer has their own flexible Vhost environment for their projects, and we use Vagrant to virtualise the development environment

  • Projects are - wherever possible - built and tested with Jenkins continuous integration after being committed to the repository

Your first day

  • After we have reached an agreement, you will soon have your first day at work. We will already be in contact with you before you start, and you will be asked for some documents and information. Your first working day begins at 10:00 am.

  • As a new employee, you will be given a great deal of information over the first two days. You will get to know the team, and will, for example, be introduced to the history of bytepark and the workflows and tools with which we work, learn something about the technology we use, and get a technical briefing from your closest colleagues.

  • As a general rule: there aren't many "stupid" questions, and don't worry, if anything is not immediately evident you will have the opportunity to ask at any time, not just on your first day. All our staff will be happy to help you with any questions you may have about bytepark.